Creating a better world starts with making better decisions each day

We’re data engineers that want to help solve the world’s biggest challenges.

From climate change to food insecurity, the reality is that we can’t simply engineer our way out of these challenges, nor can we solve them alone.

We need billions of people to make better decisions each day, knowing that those decisions add up to big change.

BizCubed enables businesses to make better decisions each day by taking the pain out of data and empowering business teams to own their data assets.

Our Data Engineering and
Enablement Platform

Rapid Acquisition
BizCubed build, maintenance
and recovery automation
Control Table and
Restart Framework

Are you ready to unleash one of your businesses’ most valuable assets?

Today’s world is full of opportunities and challenges that are constantly emerging and transforming at a rapid pace. Since 2006, we have helped millions of users to make informed and data-driven decisions that solve real world problems at enterprise speed and scale.

Our signature Data Engineering and Enablement Program (DEEP) applies engineering principles to help make sense of data and provides a robust foundation from which everyday processes can be automated, streamlined and continuously improved.